Political Commercials Can Go Away

I was reminded here a few weeks ago how terrible it is to have political campaign ads all over the place. I do not like ads for politics or anything at all related. I always knew that it was going to be hard to get through this campaign season with two nasty people running for office but I think that enough is enough. If you want me to vote for you then that is one thing but if you just constantly get on the television and yell bad things about your opponent then I will stop listening to what you have to say. You should speak more on your merits and less about what you think the other person has done. If you have done a lot then speak about it, if your opponent has made bad choices then you may gently remind people but do not go out and take their worst traits and just constantly berate people with that information over and over.

I would rather vote for a candidate that does a great job with things based on their merits. It isn’t working when you are constantly yelling and bickering at the person that you are running against. I think that a lot of people get turned off when there is yelling and constantly a bad vibe coming from you and your counterpart. Politics is not for people with anxiety or a bad feeling. I feel like it is a great thing for many people when there is a choice for more than one qualified candidate. We get to look at the both people based on merits because that is what we are counting on. That, and what their plan is for everyone. I would rather vote on an educated guess than on just plain anti political dirty politics.