Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding positions

  • Here are some different breastfeeding positions.

Swapping sides

Feed from one breast, pause for an optional burp, then offer baby the other breast.
  • Swap sides for feeding, even if your baby doesn’t like it at first. Swapping helps make sure your breasts do not become swollen or full up.

Attaching and burping

Encourage your baby to open his mouth wide; burping baby is optional; if your breasts are sore, try a warm, wet cloth to soothe them.
  • Gently brush your baby’s mouth with the tip of your nipple. This encourages your baby to open his mouth wide. Squeezing your breast might help your baby take in more of your nipple area. This might make it easier for him to attach.
  • After feeding, hold your baby up and rub his back to help let any wind out.
  • If your breasts are sore try something warm, like a warm, wet cloth, to soothe your breasts. If your breasts or nipples are still sore, see the health centre staff.